Curious how your business can run more efficiently? My name is Anna, I’m here to show you how

It is my mission to bring your wildest business dream to life! Let’s dig in, shall we?!

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More Than your average agency

If you are tired of your tasks falling through the proverbial cracks, you have found just the right place. It is with absolute precision that I can tackle any of your day-today business needs, because your business is MY business. Together we can achieve your biggest entrepreneurial dreams as long as you dare to begin! Feel free to browse my portfolio, as well as the services I offer. If you are unsure of what exactly a Virtual Assistant is, don’t worry, I’ve made it simple for you.


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My Experience & Focus

Branding and Visuals


I help companies defien a clear brand identity that is pleasing to the eye and will help to assure your clients of your professionalisum. If graphic creation isn’t your forte, I would love to help nail down your company’s image. This could translate as acreting content to be shared via social media platforms, as well as seduling a post. I offer engagement as well.

Content writing

Most business reach out to me for help with blofg writing, but it doesn’t end there. I can assist with captioning email newsletter content, and even turning, podcast into the written world. The possibilities are endless! I also am fluent and can help with German, Russian, Latin and English.

Research Experties

Working close to 10 years in the scientific field, I spent four years in research of virology, immunology, X-ray crystallography, and plant-biochemistry At one point I had a successful organic skin care business which gave me experience at formulating recipes.

A Little More

A Strategy for Growth & Stability

I am a world traveller with an intense level of education under my belt. I have lived in Germany and England. In the United States, I have lived in Kansas and currently reside in Miami, Florida. I speak German, Russian, English, and know Latin. I am well versed in topics related to neuroscience, biochemical inflammantory food, therapy concerning relationship, narcissistic abuse, mental and phycial abuse, PTSD, and childhood trauma.



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