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get to know anna

Do not let my short, simple, & sweet name fool you.Owners Love the Perks

That’s right. This Anna didn’t sit in the back row, isn’t one to blush, and certainly isn’t a wallflower by any sense of the word. My personality is too big to fit inside a box and my wit keeps me intriguing should I decide to attempt to bore you with the incredibly in-depth scientific education I’ve had the immense privilege of receiving. If that doesn’t spell it out for you, maybe my vibrant language (there are four!) or my whimsical tattoos will.



I have lived in Germany and spent a summer in England.
In the United States, I lived in Kansas.
Currently, I live in Miami, Florida.



I have my AS in Bio, Math, and English. Further, I also have a BS in Biochemistry as well as a few graduate level classes towards an Ms in Biomedical Sciences.
Currently, I am working on a Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling to become a therapist. The goal is to provide mental health support to other entrepreneurs.



Working close to 10 years in the scientific field, I spent four years in research of virology, immunology, X-ray crystallography, and plant-biochemistry.
At one point I had a successful organic skin care business which gave me experience at formulating recipes.

Where I’ve Been

I’m a world traveler and try to travel whenever possible. Growing up in Germany, I was able to travel all over Europe which made me more culturally aware and open minded. Since I’ve moved to the US in 2016, I’ve been traveling all over the US. My primary spots are National Parks and Monuments, but I won’t turn down a city trip with museums and food.

Where I’m Going

I have a bucket list with all National Parks that I am hoping to complete within the next five years. Eventually, I will combine my love to travel with social media services, so I can teach more people how to travel while working.